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3 Things that are Not Allowed in Online Poker

Playing poker is fun. It also comes with exciting prizes. There are people who have raked in hundreds and thousands of dollars just by playing online poker. You can also have fun with poker just like other players. However, you need to remember that there are rules that have to be followed and it is important that you don’t violate any of them. Otherwise, your account will be suspended and you might not even cash in the prizes you have won.

  1. Creating multiple accounts

This is also called collusion. It is obviously not allowed. This is where you create several accounts and play on the same table. It means that you have the advantage as you can see your own cards and another set of cards with your other account. This increases your chances of winning. However, there is a way for the operators to determine if you are doing this. If they catch you violating this rule (which they will easily do) you will be banned from joining the game.

  1. Registering different accounts to avail of free trials

For sure, you are guilty of doing this not just for online poker but for other games. The good thing about free trials is that you just have to sign up and you can play for free. You don’t win the cash prizes, but you get the same experience. The only problem is that it expires after several hours. As soon as it expires, you have to pay to keep playing. Other people would rather create numerous accounts so they can keep availing of the free trial. This is not a good practice. Your IP address will still be easily located and you will still be blocked if you do it.

  1. Threatening other players

Poker is also a game of strategy and logic. It comes with lots of teasing and bragging. This is fine. Making your opponents feel confused is a part of the game. In online poker, there is a chat box where you can discuss the game and maybe tease each other. However, it should not reach the point where you become extremely aggressive and even threaten your opponents. Take note that they can just screen shot your messages and send them to the operator. Your account will then be suspended as you are posing a threat to other players.

Rest assured you can easily avoid these problems by simply following the rules. Online poker is fun and it should remain that way. Yes, you want to win, but you still need to win without violating any rules. You can learn how to poker first, especially since there are different agreement terms online.